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The Story Behind Prevalent Projects Originals

We are proud to present our own line of Japandi furniture: Prevalent Projects Originals.

Floyd and Julia Albee have always sought to incorporate Japanese and Scandinavian influences into their interior design projects. As they began to search for non-toxic home staples, they realized that chairs and tables with the ideal “look” were not up to their standards.

When Japandi furniture gained popularity around the world, retailers responded with mass-produced, low-quality offerings. Disappointed with the pieces at big box stores, the Albees began the process of designing their own line: one with quality-made furniture inspired by minimalist design. They called them Prevalent Projects Originals.

About Our Pieces

Prevalent Projects furniture is beautiful, sustainably sourced, and non-toxic. Each piece is handcrafted in California from FSC-certified, rift-sawn white oak. Once our artisans have finalized a piece, it is sealed with a durable, non-toxic finish, ensuring that you can enjoy it for years to come. With each new item, we transform bohemian modern aesthetics into timeless design. Since each piece is handmade, we are able to offer custom furniture built exactly to the specifications of your space.

Our Mission

Too often, furniture is seen as disposable. Buyers simply accept that some tables or chairs may not last more than a year or two, that toxic finishes are the norm, that each item must be built out of particle board or plastic. Prevalent Projects Originals are challenging that standard.

We are anti-throwaway culture. We believe in quality design and craftsmanship that is meant to last a lifetime. That’s the spirit behind each and every piece in our line. Whether it’s a gorgeous dining table, a favorite chair, or a beautifully woven textile, we hope that your purchase will light up your home forever – not just for a season.

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